Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My talk on Latency & Client Side Performance

As an engineer in the 'Core team' of the company, we are responsible for making the site as available as we can, while having great performance and standing heavy load. We set high goals, and we're working hard to achieve them.

Up until a while ago, we were focusing mainly on server side performance - Looking at graphs under various load and stress tests, and seeing how the servers perform, each time making more and more improvements in the code.

A few weeks ago we started putting a lot of focus on latency and client side performance. I have taken control in this area and am following the results and creating tasks that will improve the performance every day.

Since I've been reading a lot about it lately, and working on it a lot, I decided to create a presentation on the subject to teach others some lessons learned from the short time I've been at it...

Here are the slides :

There are many details you'll be missing by just looking at the slides, but if this interests you than you should take a look anyway. The last slide also has many of the references from which I took the information for the presentation. I strongly recommend reading them. They are all interesting! :)

I might add some future posts about specific client side performance tips and go much more into details.
I'm also thinking about presenting this at some meetup that will be open to the public... :)

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