Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sears Israel 2012 Hackathon

As my first hackathon, I must say it was quite awesome!...
For two days at work, everyone was crunching at their projects, trying to get as much of it done as humanly possible in that short period of time. I stayed pretty late those days, and even worked a little more on the weekend after, as some others did too.

Some of the projects included creating apps on top of the application framework we have on our site (which is kinda like building a facebook app - You are hosted in an iframe on the site and can work against the site's api).
I created a 'polyvore' like app - It lets you create a collage of products on a canvas for others to see (mainly intended for women's use).
Some other cool apps were games like "The price is right" for products on our site, or an item tagging compatibility game where you need to tag items identically with a partner to score points.
There were some actual features developed for the site, like a 'GeoFeed' - The capability of presenting a users newsfeed on a map, with relevant feeds in his area. Some people took the time to install or implement tools that will help us get our job done better daily, like a cool dynamic dashboard that can contain almost any information we want, or installing an IRC server that will give us a better communication channel for development issues than email.

Whatever the project was - I think it was fun for everyone working on them, and very thoughtful of the company to hold such an event...

Here are just some cool pics from the hackathon -

Me working on my hackathon app...

Our R&D VP working on his app...

The team in Chicago working on their app...

It's not a real hackathon, unless you have hackathon water!

...and lots of energy drinks!

...and a big hackathon timer on the hallway monitors :)

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