Monday, May 28, 2012

Sears Israel - Upcoming Hackathon...

A year ago, which was before I starting work at Sears, they had a 2-day 'dojo'. Everyone in the company grouped into teams and worked on projects that interested them the most. These projects weren't necessarily connected to what we do as a company, but just projects that we want to do for fun, and some of them are actually being used by people in the company till this day!
Until this day I am still hearing about how much fun it was, and how people are waiting for another event like the dojo.

The time has finally come, and in about a month we are having another event just like this. This time it is a 4 day hackathon, which is supposed to be about building applications on top of our platform for our site ( or about building internal tools that will help us in the process of creation in the future. We are already talking about how we're going to build the teams and what apps we're going to build and all the buzz around the event is really exciting... I love it when we have a chance to express ourselves in a little more freely manner then usual, and I think this is essential in developing the people you work with in so many ways! :)

I thought I'd just post here some articles about different hackathons in some other cool companies around the globe :
- Facebook's hackathon page
- Twitter hack week
- Feedburner's hackathon
- Dropbox hack week
- Google's 20 percent time (which is basically like an ongoing hackathon)

You see... all the cool kids on the block are having them, so now it's our turn too!... :)

A big thank you to all the people running my workplace!!

You can be sure I'll update my blog after the event, and tell you about the project I worked on...

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